Kamahkmaryhill is really 2 people: Margaret L. Cardinal and A. David McConnell, who sometimes work together and sometimes separately. 

Separately or together they do fine art, music, traditional native arts and crafts, tipis and tents, tipi- and tent-making workshops, alternative energy consulting and awareness workshops.

They live beside Lesser Slave Lake in north central Alberta in an off-grid, solar- and, soon, wind-powered house and will be able shortly to host workshops of various kinds in Margaret's new studio.  

David was born in Edmonton, AB and has been, consecutively, child, student, traveller, student, teacher, husband, farmer, parent, teacher-parent, musician, handyman, tipi-dweller, alternative energy systems designer and installer, builder, handyman, musician, grand-parent, handyman, musician, handyman, grand-parent, musician. 

Margaret is a Plains Cree elder originally from Saddle Lake, AB. She learned her craft from her parents and grand-parents. She has hosted women's gatherings for the last 20 years, during which time she was the native cultural arts teacher at Northern Lakes College.   Her main focus now is workshop facilitator. She also has several multi-media art projects on the go. 

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